2016-2017 Reading Groups

Analytic Philosophy Reading Group

This groups meets bi-weekly on Fridays at 12 pm in 621 Renwen.

October 28
Reading: The Tenseless Theory of Time (J.J.C. Smart)
Presenter: Daniel Lim

November 25
Reading: The Privileged Present (Dean Zimmerman)
Presenter: Daniel Lim

December 9
Reading: The Problem of Change (Ryan Wasserman)
Presenter: Chen Ju

December 23
Reading: People and Their Bodies (Judith Jarvis Thomson)
Presenter: Kate Li

Reading: Temporal Parts (Theodore Sider)

Reading: The Metaphysics of Emergence (Timothy O’Connor)
Reading: The Emergence of Personhood (Timothy O’Connor)

Mind Reading Group

This groups meets bi-weekly on an evening to be determined. This group is organized by Professor Liu Xiaoli.

Philosophy Presentation Workshop

This groups meets on a monthly basis to offer students the opportunity to give presentations on important papers in their field of research.